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We know your time is valuable, don’t let a cracked screen slow you down! With our expertise in phone repairs, you will be back to connected in no time! Don’t worry we also give you the convenience of in home repairs. Schedule online today!

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We bring the convienience of a screen repair service directly to your home or place of business!

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We believe that a repair is only as good as the quality of the parts used. We stand by our repairs.

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In todays world we can't afford to be disconnected. We provide fast repairs to get you running in no time!

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Don't worry we are not limited to just cellphone screens, We also fix tablets, charging ports and batteries!

About us

At Prescott Phone Repair. We understand the reliance our customers have on their communicative devices, so we do everything we can to turn what is broken into the best. We specialize in streamlining our repair services and work on iPhones, iPads, and other cell phone brands to deliver the leading repair resolutions in the market. We not only repair mobile devices but make our services mobile too, which means we come to you, wherever you are in the Quad Cities. (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley & Dewey Arizona) and the surroundings areas. Prescott PHone Repairhas over eight years of professional experience in the cell phone repair business. I have always maintained a passion for iPhone repair work and desired to start my own cell phone repair business to set me apart from my competitors. My business model came about from hearing continuous complaints from customers about the inconvenience of conventional phone repairs. Customers often vocalized the distance disadvantage of repair shops, their extended wait times, and the client’s obligation to leave and return hours later to retrieve their device. I realized the industry’s lack of efficiency, so I thought to myself, “what if there was a phone repair service that came to the customer?” I made this dream a reality and opened Prescott Phone Repair, a reliable, reasonable, readily available repair service for technological devices.


We pay special attention to the privacy of your data. No information from your device will be transferred to a third party. We respect our customers.

Mistakes happen, so Prescott Phone Repair is motivated to move with spry solutions that suit the networking needs of our customers and keep them in touch with their technology.  Appointments are available to schedule via our website or by phone. Our primary service is iPhone screen repair, but we also offer tablet screen repair and battery replacement services. For Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, we often provide rapid repair times on the same day we receive the items. Prescott Phone Repair has mastered all things mobile and provides a pickup/drop delivery option for our client’s repairs. Our mission is to be the #1 resource for device repair and offer resilient remedies for damaged devices. 

Phone Screen Repair

Cellular devices are a direct connection to the world. At Prescott Phone Repair, we do things right and restore damaged phone screens to like-new condition without a scratch. Our repair rates are set by a thorough assessment of the screen as every phone is unique. Our expert technicians work relentlessly to repair devices and represent our reputable name. We source prime parts for our customer’s devices and ensure an optimal return rate and customer contentment with each repair. We strive to respond to repairs in the most responsible and respectful way so we can earn customer trust and offer them fulfillment for every transaction.

Tablet Screen Repair

Our superior screen repair service for tablets is tried and true. At Prescott Phone Repiar, we make a quick fix possible and repair tablets just in time. We optimize screen function, visibility, and user-interaction to renew the tablet’s lifespan. From the iPad to Samsung, we specialize in repairing a range of tablets. With every repair, we maintain our integrity and confirm that quality comes first. We make broken tablets look brand new. With our quality equipment, and speedy service, we resurrect the potential of disfigured devices. With our low-cost repairs, mobile-friendly service, and supreme customer care, Prescott Phone Repiar is irreplaceable.

battery replacement

Battery Replacement

A low performing battery is unbearable but Repaired makes the miracle of battery replacements believable with our premium battery replacement service. No power? We can solve the problem and replace your battery. Battery life is an essential element of a device’s operation – we know the importance of battery performance and prioritize replacing lifeless batteries with unbeatable substitutes. Our unit of repair specialists make our timely deliveries a possibility. We pride ourselves in proactive service and client satisfaction in all aspects of our business. We bring deadbeat batteries back to life and work to exceed customer expectations in all we do.


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